The lip contouring palette KissKiss from Paris is composed of a primer and three shades to draw ultra-sophisticated lips. A palette for all the kisses “from Paris”, from the softest to the most passionate.. The three shades draw the contour of the lips and create a color gradation for a pumped-up look and an irresistible mouth! This palette is available in two harmonies: for a romantic or a passionate look. The two applicators are used for each step of the make-up to offer glamorous and deliciously attractive lips!


Its subtle vanilla-violet fragrance delicately intertwines with the sparkling scent of berries.


The hyaluronic acid spheres aim to pump the lips.
The mango butter hydrates the lips to provide them a velvety texture.
The commiphora myrrha oil smooths the lips' surface.

Directions for use

1. Apply the base to smooth the lips.
2. Draw delicately the lips’ contour with the darkest shade.
3. Apply the major shade on the entire mouth.
4. Put the lightest shade in the center of the lips.

Little tip: For a matte finish, apply the colour with the foam brush.