In 2015, Guerlain will be reunited with its timeless and emblematic Flacon Fleuri, which hosted the original Muguet fragrance in 1908. Maison Guerlain has combined tradition and innovation to create the first ever perfume bottle in white porcelain.
With its pure lines and floral motif, this new interpretation has a budding freshness and elegant simplicity, echoed in the first notes of Muguet. To add to the delightful charm of this porcelain bottle, a delicate ribbon adorns the neck of the bottle, just like the bow of a present adjusted a last time before offering it as a lucky charm to a loved one.
Only 1689 numbered bottles in the world.


A fresh and floral fragrance.
Top notes: green notes
Heart notes: note of lily of the valley, lilac
Notes de fond: rose, jasmine

Perfumer secrets

Guerlain, which has always felt passionate about arts and artistic creation since 1828, takes the opportunity of this exclusive springtime rendezvous on the famous French May Day to highlight a rare and precious artistic craft.
The Artoria workshop, founded in Limoges in 1957, has drawn on a wealth of traditional skills and a talent for innovation to bring this stunning feat to life.