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Abeille Royale

Bees produce some of the world's most effective natural healing substances. Guerlain Research has been working continuously with honeys and royal jelly to create Abeille Royale: a skincare programme with BlackBee Repair technology which helps stimulate the key mechanisms of the skin's repair process¹ to help continuously correct wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness. ¹In vitro test on ingredient.

Orchidée Impériale

Orchidée Impériale is an exceptional complete care range, renowned for its effectiveness on the signs of skin ageing and the sensory pleasure of its textures. It perfectly embodies the spirit of excellence for which Guerlain is known: the latest discoveries in skin longevity, unique formulation know-how and a rare and precious raw material, the orchid. A true phenomenon of longevity, the orchid is the most highly developed species in the plant kingdom. Convinced of its outstanding potential, Guerlain has established its first ever research centre dedicated to a single ingredient: the Orchidarium®.

Orchidée Impériale Black

The quintessence of rare and precious luxury, Orchidée Impériale Black is the latest addition to the exceptional Orchidée Impériale complete skincare range. After 15 years of research at Orchidarium®, Guerlain experts reveal the extraordinary power of the Black Orchid¹, a real talisman against time. This rare orchid has the ability to adapt to its environment. Its power is encapsulated at the heart of BlackImmune™ technology, capable of targeting 95% of the cells in the skin’s self-defence, for preserved, regenerated and prolonged youth. <br>¹Cultivated Cycnoches cooperi

Blanc de Perle

Rare and precious, pearls are fascinating gems: pure and flawlessly white, they shimmer with deep, inner radiance. A genuine miracle of nature, pearls create themselves, layer after layer, to become perfect. BLANC DE PERLE, with P.E.A.R.L. Complex, accomplishes this miracle of perfection on the skin, revealing its exceptional whitening power.