Art & Gifting

For Guerlain, gifting is an art and art is an emotion. The Maison elevates the gesture of gift-giving to an elegant art form infused with unique savoir-faire and a genuine commitment to nature.

Guerlain has conceived two eco-designed cases, both sharing the same high quality standards and attention to detail. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply for the pleasure of giving, the luxury of choice is integral to the art of gift-giving at Guerlain.


Each element of ‘The Iconic Case’ has been carefully thought through to make your gift unique with a commitment to sustainable luxury. Much like skilled artisans, our experts lovingly craft your gift. From the tissue paper to the ribbon, they adorn it with the most precious of details. 

The case

The elegance of white embossed with the Maison's symbol: the bee and ‘Guerlain’ in gold letters.

The tissue paper

Delicate like the lining of a haute couture garment.

The ribbon

For the festive season, every Guerlain case is adorned with a sparkling green ribbon.

Sustainable and desirable

Crafted from FSC® cardboard and paper sourced from well managed forests – using minimal glue and no magnets – this case was designed to be recyclable*, yet stylish. Its iconic and sustainable case can be reused as a sophisticated storage box.

*check local recycling guidelines 

The minimal case

With the same high quality standards that mark each of its creations, Guerlain presents a second version of its case. Completely innovative and in line with our environmental commitment, it has been carefully thought out to reduce the amount of material as much as possible and to be totally recyclable and recycled.

Refined simplicity

When opening the case, a silhouette of a bee – Guerlain’s iconic emblem – subtly reveals the products through a play of transparency.

An innovative eco-design

Fully recyclable and made from 100% recycled cardboard. An innovative design keeps your products secure with a single sheet of self-sealing paper, while minimising the amount of material used.

In support of bee preservation

For each order that includes a case, Guerlain hands out a sachet of honey-producing plant seeds as part of its ‘Guerlain for Bees Conservation Programme’. Once planted, each sachet will produce 10,000 flowers, thus helping to develop the natural habitat of bees, a concern that is at the heart of the Maison.


Tell the bees your personalized message, they will take care of it and slip it into your gift box. A finishing touch that will make your gift unique.

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