Guerlain is celebrating the anniversary of this timeless bottle by gilding a collection of vintage bottles that have been kept safe in the Guerlain archives, and are otherwise impossible to find today. A priceless piece of Guerlain’s heritage, shared today in celebration.
At the centre of the bottle, the form of a helix has been moulded in yellow gold that contrasts with the deep and unusual colour of the bottle. Understated and sumptuous as starlight, it is both ephemeral and eternal, delicate and intense.
Once the bottle has been sealed with a thread by the Dames de Table in the Guerlain workshops, the bottle’s cap is also clothed in golden attire.


Vol de Nuit is one of the most facetted of Guerlain’s fragrances, rare, enigmatic and daring. With its assertive personality, its floral and woody facets blossom in a bold oriental trail.

Perfumer secrets

Vol de Nuit’s gold has been worked by hand in the finest tradition of the French goldsmith’s craft by JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded. The gold itself has been produced from gold nuggets from Latin America - the first ethically-mined gold in the world, thanks to an extraction and manufacturing process which integrates sustainable development, the protection of natural resources and fair trade.