Guerlain is introducing the first SPF 20 Terracotta compact foundation, a foundation with sun protection that combines skincare and make-up and will accompany you whether you're in the city or at the beach.
Soft and ultra-fine, its non-greasy texture melts delightfully onto the skin, making it extremely simple to apply. No hint of substance or fragrance; it's immediately forgotten leaving only an infinitely thin veil that is perfectly unifying and comfortable. Gently warmed, the complexion is more beautiful throughout the day. Lighter or darker skin tones, everyone will find their perfect tan.
Sand: a healthy glow shade to warm fair skin tones.


Moisturise: The exceptional power of hyaluronic acid infuses the skin with moisture, providing it with comfort and softness
Protect: Its combination of UVA and UVB filters unfurls like a real IP 20 protective umbrella to protect the skin from photoageing and the harmful effects of the sun
Resist: It unfailingly withstands humidity and resists water, heat.

Directions for use

Its large mirror and precise sponge make it the perfect summer companion for a perfect application.
Its white lacquered travel-friendly case fits into the smallest of clutches, making it easy to apply touch-ups at any time: at the beach, in the city, while relaxing or shopping.