The secret behind the tailor-made colour of Ecrin 4 Couleurs is a palette of four shades that can be layered and adjusted at will.

For eyelids that dream of a weather-coloured dress, the Ecrin 4 Couleurs draws inspiration from the season. A metallic aquatic green puts eyes in the spotlight. An iridescent ivory, accompanied with a satiny nude and a matt violet plum, express an ode to nature and its renewal. In this ready-to-wear case, these four powders harmonise exactly as you wish and match your every mood… They delicately layer and blend together with effects of shadow and light.

Directions for use

Application is simple and playful, making everything possible with no fear of mistakes.
Apply the lightest shade as the base, then the lighter medium shade to add a touch of colour. To structure the eyes, apply the darker medium shade. Finally, use the darkest shade as eyeliner.