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Cleansing cream (See 1/1)
Cleansing cream (See 1/1)

Crème de Beauté Cleansing cream

Purifies and illuminates

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More than a century after Crème Secret de Bonne Femme, Guerlain presents a cleansing cream, Crème de Beauté, a make-up remover that offers the ultimate in sensorial cleansing. The richness and generosity of this creamy balm make each use a moment of pure bliss for all skin types.


The exclusive signature fragrance developed for Crème de Beauté enfolds the skin in a delicate scent blending the purity of white tea, the comforting freshness of musky notes and a touch of jasmine…


Skin is velvety smooth, comfortable and pure for 9 out of 10** women. After 6 hours, skin is hydrated: +34%*. Skin is smoothed: +29%***. *Test instrumental, 10 women. **Satisfaction test, 30 women, twice-daily application for four weeks. ***Self-assessment, 30 women, twice-daily application for four weeks.


The Nigella flower oil: A treasure from the Lands of the Orient, nigella flower with hypnotic blue petals boasts wonderful properties known since Antiquity. Freed of impurities, the skin can breathe again and reveals a vibrant glow.


We reveal the provenance of our raw materials and unveil all the stages involved in creating our products, "from the flower field to you".