About 50 of vintage ""inverted heart"" bottles - handmade by the Baccarat ateliers following the original design from 1912 - were found while research was being undertaken in the Guerlain archives. Guerlain decided to entrust the last 20 or so pieces to a craftsman with unique and rare know-how: Sara Bran, a gold and silver lace maker. Combining precision, creativity and refinement, her work is inspired by the textile lace-making heritage. For this La Petite Robe Noire prestige edition, Sara Bran returns to the ornamental and centuries-old tradition of the perfume bottle holder. Starting with extremely thin solid silver sheets, she manually chisels the material for hours on end. The delicate lace traced with spinning volutes, arabesques and interlacing lines embraces the curves of the bottle like the fabric of a Little Black Dress.
Only 21 numbered pieces are available worldwide.


An ultimate concentration for an exceptional bottle. In its Extract form, La Petite Robe Noire is more charming than ever. Black tea, patchouli and black cherry strut by, audaciously escorted by a bold Guerlinade. This intensified drydown enhances the richness of iris, the velvety nature of vanilla and the addictive indulgence of tonka bean with its almond accents

Perfumer secrets

Sara Bran is a singular jeweller whose gold and silver lace creations were awarded with the Prix pour l’Intelligence de la Main (Prize for Craftsmanship). She spent 21 hours to shape each La Petite Robe Noire perfume bottle holder, carefully and painstakingly piercing, open-working, soldering
and polishing.
Each crystal bottle is decorated with black silk threads hand-combed in barbiches by the “Dames de Table” of the Guerlain ateliers.