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The bronzing powder (See 1/3)
The bronzing powder (See 2/3)
The bronzing powder (See 3/3)
The bronzing powder (See 1/3)
The bronzing powder (See 2/3)
The bronzing powder (See 3/3)

Terracotta The bronzing powder

Natural and long-lasting tan-natural finish

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1. The unique formula of the Terracotta Bronzing Powder by Guerlain for a natural make-up result, mistake proof, which helps keep skin moisturised
2. A large range of shade to find the perfect and natural-looking tan
3. Long-lasting


The fragrance of the Terracotta powder takes you on a getaway. The ylang-ylang and orange blossom notes create the sensation of a cocoon. They are blended into tonka bean and vanilla notes with sunny facets that embody the essence of Terracotta. A note of white musk add a velvet touch to this addictive fragrance.
The senses are awakened, transported to a faraway land.





A unique association of pigments for a luminous sunny glow.

Enriched with moisturising active ingredients, the bronzing powder does not dry out skin and ensures lasting comfort

Flakes powders, forming an ultra fine “mono” film and preserving the natural finish of each skin type,  perfectly hugging the facial contours.  It’s impossible to get it wrong!


The skin’s natural hydration is preserved*. Long-lasting make-up effect of 6h**.
*Instrumental test, single application, 11 volunteers.
**Instrumental test, single application, 10 volunteers