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Satin shower gel (See 1/1)
Satin shower gel (See 1/1)

Shalimar Satin shower gel

A veritable essence of femininity

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To transform the bath into the ultimate moment of well-being, Shalimar shower gel turns into a rich and generous lather upon contact with water. Enriched with orchid extracts and active ingredients to moisturise and smooth, it leaves the skin soft and delicately perfumed.


Voluptuous, sensual, spellbinding.

A flight of flowers and bergamot whips up the top notes with a breeze of freshness. The heart is warmed by enveloping and delicately powdery notes of iris, jasmine and rose. To conclude, the presence of vanilla, rounded balmy notes and the gourmand warmth of tonka bean orchestrate a sensual symphony for the dry-down.


Bergamot, iris, vanilla