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Nerolia Bianca (See 1/1)
Nerolia Bianca (See 1/1)

Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca

The Collection of Fresh Fragrances

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Nerolia Bianca belongs to the Aqua Allegoria collection, the first collection of intensely fresh fragrances in perfumery created in 1999.

On the strength of the Guerlain Perfumer’s expertise dating back to the legendary Eau de Cologne Impériale in 1853, the Guerlain Perfumer creates each of the Aqua Allegoria with the freshness of a Cologne and the hold of a Guerlain perfume. The guiding thread of the collection is bergamot, a precious citrus fruit, “Calabrian green gold”, the key ingredient in the Guerlinade.

Nerolia Bianca is a spontaneous and joyful Eau de Toilette, an olfactory journey through the heart of the bitter orange tree treasures.

With its golden mesh, its pure, refined bottle is a tribute to the famous Bee bottle.


Citrus Floral.
Fresh, joyful, invigorating.


Bitter orange, petit grain, orange blossom

perfumers secret

These Eaux de Toilette have the freshness of a Cologne, and the hold of a Guerlain perfume.

For each creation, the Guerlain Perfumer showcases one or two raw materials, drawing their originality from a unique alchemy with bergamot.