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Repairing Honey Gel Mask (See 1/1)
Repairing Honey Gel Mask (See 1/1)
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Abeille Royale Repairing Honey Gel Mask

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Bees produce are some of the world's most effective natural revitalizing substances. Guerlain has extracted the exceptional power of bee products* to create the Repairing Honey Gel Mask. This gel-textured honey mask leaves the skin plumped up and exceptionally smooth right from the first application.

Skin recovers its density and appears more nourished after each application.

*In vitro tests on ingredients


Instantly bluffing results:

The skin is moisturized*: 6h, +24%
The skin is smooth**: -15% of wrinkles
* Measure of the instantly moisturizing
** Measure of the instantly smooth effect

Women note extraordinary results on their skin's quality just after the first use and after 1 month ***:

94% note their skin is soft
81% note their skin is suppler

After 1 month:
81% note their skin is smoother
81% note their skin texture is refined
94% note their skin is nourished

*** Self-evaluation, 31 women, results after 4 weeks, 2 times per week application


The exceptional revitalizing power of bee products. Exceptional ingredients, exclusive to Guerlain. : Guerlain Royal Jelly, made exclusively in France, is combined with the purest Black Bee honey from the Island of Ouessant.