The Imperial Ritual by Guerlain combines the three essential products in the Orchidée Impériale routine:
-The Eye and Lip Cream (15 ml): brightens, smoothes and instantly redefines the contours of the eyes and lips.
-The Longevity Concentrate (30 ml): an exceptional ""replenishing energy charger"", the ultra-concentrated serum is even more effective on the visible signs of ageing, restoring vitality to even the most tired skin.
- The Cream (50 ml): the fine, melt-away Cream envelops the face in a silky and comfortable film. The skin recovers density and firmness; the facial contours are even. Wrinkles and fine lines are softened and the skin texture refined. The skin appears perfectly renewed and refreshed, infused with a new breath of life.


Orchidée Impériale Fragrance: a floral scent with hints of orchid that blend with notes of rose, white musk and precious cedar wood

Expert formulas

For 15 years, Guerlain Research has been pushing back the frontiers of cellular longevity. Now it has identified a new mechanism that plays a key role in longevity: cellular respiration. More effective thanks to the discovery of the extraordinary powers of a duo of orchids, new Cell Respiration™ technology delivers superior efficacy inside the skin. It regulates cellular respiration and combats hypoxia* or oxygen deficiency, a phenomenon that increases with age. The cells can breathe again and maximise energy production which boosts cell regeneration*. All the visible signs of ageing are minimised: wrinkles and fine lines fade, the skin regains firmness, density and elasticity, the complexion is even and more radiant. The skin is infused with a new breath of life.


The Cream
Anti-ageing & well-being results:
- proven by EXPERTS:
Wrinkles -23%*
Firmness +15%**
Luminosity +18%**
- Felt by 100%*** of WOMEN:
More beautiful & radiant skin
Self-confidence, harmony & inner balance restored
- confirmed by CLOSE CIRCLES****:
More beautiful, younger and radiant skin


The Orchid, a rare and precious raw ingredient, is the very essence of the exceptional complete care range Orchidée Impériale. A genuine longevity prodigy, the orchid is the most developed species in the plant kingdom. Convinced of its exceptional potential, Guerlain devoted its first research centre to it, something that had never been done for an ingredient: the Orchidarium®.
This globally unique research centre reveals the extraordinary powers of a duo of orchids made up of Gastrodia Elata – an essential orchid in Chinese traditional medicine – to form the core of the new Cell Respiration™ technology found in Orchidée Impériale Cream.

Guerlain Research has now added a precious diamond powder for an instant boost of sophistication.

Directions for use

Apply the Eye and Lip Cream, smoothing outwards, under the eye, above it and over the lip contour area.
Then apply the Longevity Concentrate followed by the Cream in circular movements.
Consult each product for a more detailed application technique.

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