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Anti-Blemish Treatment (See 1/1)
Anti-Blemish Treatment (See 1/1)

Stop Spot Anti-Blemish Treatment

Treats and camouflages


Stop Spot My Supertips, Guerlain’s cult anti-blemish skincare cream, a direct evolution of the original Crème Camphréa created in 1870, with a high concentration of purifying camphor, effectively targets redness and blemishes. Applied locally, it acts instantly and camouflages imperfections.


An essential note of the pharmacopoeia, camphor, purifying and antiseptic


Immediately to application (1):
For 91%, the imperfections are curbed
For 94%, this treatment helps to matify the T-zone and the skin does not shine

After 4 weeks (1):
For 87%, the imperfections are resorbed
For 81%, the skin is healthy
(1) In use test, 34 persons


Stop Spot is a camphor concentrated care, which associates with zinc, salicylic acid and allantoin. The combination of its purifying and soothing ingredients has an immediate anti-blemishes action, balancing excess sebum and smoothing skin texture.