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Volume Creating - Curl Sculpting Mascara (See 1/1)
Volume Creating - Curl Sculpting Mascara (See 1/1)

Maxi Lash Volume Creating - Curl Sculpting Mascara

Maxi lashes in a wink!


The it-accessory mascara, eyes' ultimate ally.
The luxury of simplicity. An innovative formula for maximum volume, curls and hold. The smooth, supple texture that’s easy to work with. The layers that can be piled on ever so delicately to create just the right volume for each and every mood and moment. Instant, stylish, long-lasting magic.


A fragrance with delicate notes. Sweetness of a peach blossom, opulence of rose and jasmine, sensory benzoin and white musk.


The secret is in the combined action of three remarkable polymers:
The first one wraps the lashes in extremely adherent oils, coating and thickening the lashes.
The second one, made with supple waxes, acts like a conditioner, softening the lashes so you can sculpt them into just the right shape and style.
The last one forms a thin film, coating the lashes to trap the wax and set the amazing curve.