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La Cuvée Secrète - Eau de Cologne (See 1/1)
La Cuvée Secrète - Eau de Cologne (See 1/1)

Les Eaux Exclusives La Cuvée Secrète - Eau de Cologne

A fresh and invigorating Eau de Cologne



A secret has been handed down over generations in Guerlain’s workshops. A formula that harbours many secrets: the exact quantities, the harmonious blend of raw materials, the mysterious dilution and intricate maceration process…  all of which combine to create the divine fragrance of La Cuvée Secrète. Ultimate refinement. A hallmark of the Guerlain art of living.


A unique Eau de Cologne which combines the freshness of bergamot and petitgrain with fragrant lavender notes.


Bergamot - Lavender - Petitgrain

perfumers secret

With La Cuvée Secrète, Guerlain takes you in a fresh and invigorating parenthesis which sweeps your senses away and aspires to relaxation and well- being. Apply generously for a unique feeling of freshness and an uplifting sensation. Or dilute a few drops in your bath to scent the water and invigorate the skin.