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Extract (See 1/1)
Extract (See 1/1)

Champs-Elysées Extract

A tribute to the City of Light



Champs Elysées is a fragrance of intense seduction. Inspired by the City of Lights, it pays tribute to the roots of Guerlain and celebrates the world most beautiful street. A radiant flower bouquet, a dialogue between mimosa and lilac. A solar perfume which seduces by its freshness and its spontaneity.


Fruity floral.
Transparent, luminous, sparkling.

Champs-Elysées is a fragrance that bursts forth with a crystalline laugh: blackcurrant berries harmonise with almond tree flowers, while transparent rose softens the rise of mimosa. The delicate heart palpitates with mimosa flowers. The base blends carnal accents of hibiscus seed with the softness of almond tree wood.


Rose petals, woody almond, mimosa

perfumers secret

Champs-Elysées highlights all the beauty of mimosa for the first time in perfumery.
Inspired by Spring and Summer under a flowering mimosa tree, Champs-Elysées interprets all the splendour of botanical freshness.

The Guerlinade, the sensual olfactory seal of Guerlain creations, is more present in the Extract.