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Brightening Lotion (See 1/1)
Brightening Lotion (See 1/1)

Blanc de Perle Brightening Lotion

Perfection and radiance


The brightening Lotion Blanc de Perle Guerlain, concentrated in active ingredients, is a first step in the whitening routine which helps to gently reduce signs of dark spots and dullness. The skin becomes fair, clear, radiant and refreshed.
The lotion acts as an effective catalyst, preparing the skin for the next steps in the Blanc de Perle ritual.


A light, fresh and innocent fragrance, a harmony of luminous white flowers which blend with pink peppercorns and white mint.  An olfactory expression of luxury and perfection which immediately evokes the immaculate purity of the pearl.


After 1 month, visible performance on radiance and skin’s quality*
For 86% of women, the luminosity is improved by +52%
For 84%, the skin grain is refined: +44%
Women are satisfied**
For 94% of women, the skin is luminous and refreshed
For 91%, this toner has a “healthy glow”
For 88%, the complexion is clear up
* Self-assessment, 32 women, 4 weeks
** Satisfaction test, 32 women, 4 weeks


The Melanin Control Technology targets continuously melanin pigment in every form - persistent, recent or emerging dark spots in the key layers of the skin, from the basal layer
to the surface*.
* In-vitro tests on ingredients