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Honey Smile Lift (See 1/1)
Honey Smile Lift (See 1/1)

Abeille Royale Honey Smile Lift

Lip & Contour Sculpting Care


Honey Smile Lift, Guerlain’s first comprehensive sculpting treatment for lips, lip contours and the nasolabial folds, giving the smile a sculpted appearance. It combines three innovations:
- a formula which concentrates the effective repairing power of Abeille Royale*
- a unique and intuitive applicator that follows the natural movement of your finger
- a remodelling technique devised by experts from the Guerlain Institute
The shape of the lips seems more defined, the lips themselves appear plumper, contours look more distinct and lines are smoothed, giving the smile a re-sculpted appearance.

*In vitro tests on ingredients


A gourmand fragrance with delicate honey flower facets done by Thierry Wasser.


Spectacular results*:

Smoother lips +36%
Smooth aspect of the nasogenial folds +27%

Replumps lips +30%

Firmness of the lip contour +21%

Women observed an improvement of the lifted aspect of the smile area of +26%**

*Dermalotogist assessment, 32 women, 1 month.
**Self-assessment, 59 women, 1 month.


The exceptional repairing power of bee products*.
Exceptional active ingredients, exclusive to Guerlain:
Guerlain Royal Jelly, made exclusively in France, is combined with the purest black bee honey from the island of Ouessant to help correct visible and futur signs of ageing : loss of firmness, wrinkles and sagging.

* In vitro tests on ingredients