It’s more than a tradition – it’s an event! Each year Guerlain invites you to welcome the lovely month of May with a numbered limited edition of Muguet. For the 2014 edition, Guerlain has invited Brigitte de Bazelaire, a talented Parisian ceramic designer, to express her creativity and skill in tribute to Guerlain’s emblematic Bee bottle. An artist with refined and poetic creations, she has reinterpreted the graceful sprigs of Muguet to design a gorgeous biscuit porcelain bottle holder, shaping its contours and playing with embossed patterns in pure and pristine white. To produce these incredibly elegant pieces, she has collaborated with Les Porcelaines de la Fabrique. In their workshops, highest-quality porcelain is shaped and fashioned before being fired according to traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. The biscuit porcelain bottle holder, fruit of a mysterious alchemy between earth, water and fire, materialises just as the ceramist imagined it.
Only 1,872 numbered bottles worldwide.


A fresh floral fragrance: a sublimated lily of the valley note, infused with bergamot, jasmine and rose accents which ushers in the springtime with elegance.

Perfumer secrets

Guerlain House, passionate about arts and artistic creation since 1828, takes the opportunity of this exclusive springtime rendezvous on the famous French May Day to highlight a rare and precious artistic craft.
Indeed, every year since 2006, Guerlain invites talented artistic craftsmen to pay a constantly renewed tribute to the Muguet fragrance thanks to their unique know-how and creativity.