Météorites Glow Pearls Cushion is a colour correction tone-up base that reveals the radiance of the complexion. Originating in Korea, tone-up beauty products correct the complexion with a sheer finish, subtly reflecting light and offering an ultra-radiant effect.

In a single cushion encapsulated multi-coloured fluid pearls are combined to correct minor skin tone flaws and illuminate the complexion in a single step: green to neutralise redness, pink to revive grey areas and orange to counter areas of shadow and dark spots.

Applied by lightly tapping with the puff, the pearls release their fresh, silky smooth texture, which becomes one with skin and smoothes facial features while maintaining the skin’s moisture levels. SPF 10.
Sheer coverage – Dewy finish


The cushion has an instant complexion-perfecting effect. Its texture becomes one with skin, leaving a glowing, luminous complexion, with sheer colour correction.


Directions for use

Météorites Glow Pearls Cushion may be used:

- all over the face for a smooth, radiant complexion, on its own or as a base before foundation
- in touch-ups during the day to revive the radiance of the complexion or neutralise redness and areas of shadow that reappear.

Its travel-friendly pack and puff allow you take it with you wherever you go.