Météorites Perles concentrates all the crystalline purity of white in an extraordinary base, uniting the iridescent freshness of a hydrating gel and the dazzling power of opalescent pearls to suffuse the face with a halo of radiantly perfect light. Thanks to a brightening complex, it helps effectively fight against pigmentation imperfections.* Enriched with natural mother-of-pearl powder, the pearls conceal imperfections and smooth and soften the skin texture.
The complexion is adorned with a soft pearly glow and new, exceptionally pure whiteness.
*In vitro tests


Pleasure for the eyes and the senses… Météorites Perles announces the return of sunny days with its delicate violet scent.

Directions for use

Apply gently to entire face after your usual skincare in the morning or in the evening before going out. Wait a few seconds before applying foundation.