Composed in 1919 by Jacques Guerlain in homage to the Japanese heroine of Claude Farrère’s novel “La Bataille”, Mitsouko is today one of the most iconic Guerlain perfumes, standing out with its modernity a century after its creation.
To mark the fragrance’s 100th anniversary, Guerlain is celebrating Mitsouko’s Japanese lineage by inviting a calligraphy artist and an artisanal manufacture from Japan to reinvent the so-called “upside-down heart” bottle.

Located in Kanazawa, Japan’s centre of gold leaf production, the Hakuichi gilding workshop combines age-old methods with innovative expertise. For Guerlain, the craftsmen have adorned the iconic bottle with flakes of 23.5-carat gold using the traditional “Chirashi” technique.

This sumptuous ornament bears the outline of a delicate botanical design calligraphed by the Tokyo artist Suitou Nakatsuka. The plum tree traced in black ink expresses the discreet strength of the character Mitsouko, a multi-faceted woman whose passion and serenity are symbolised by the flowers in tones of red and white.

These facets are revealed in Mitsouko Eau de Parfum. The first fruity chypre in perfumery, it blends a peach note with a jasmine and May rose heart, subtly set off by a spicy accord pairing mysterious undergrowth and vetiver notes.
A truly original masterpiece of balance presented in a precious 75-ml numbered limited edition.
3099 pieces available worldwide.


Fruity Chypre.

Mysterious, balanced, velvety.

A masterpiece of balance and originality, Mitsouko marries a fruity note of peach with jasmine flowers and May rose. The mysterious dry-down of the fragrance blends spicy notes with those of underbrush and vetiver.


Peach note - Spices - Underbrush notes

Perfumer secrets

A journey that brilliantly commemorates the 100th anniversary in calligraphy and gold leaf.
A pioneer and expert of golf-leaf production, the craftsmen of the Hakuichi workshop have adorned the emblematic bottle woth 23.5 carat gold flakes using the traditional "chirashi" technique: the equivalent of four gold leaves
is delicately sprinkled by hand. The meticulous expert steps of the gilders – including a Japanese Master artistic craftsman – decorate each bottle with the equivalent of four gold leaves and preserve the uniqueness of each piece.