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Aqua Allegoria

The Allegoria fragrance collection celebrates the wonders of the world. It explores the inexhaustible inspiration of multi-faceted nature, from noon to dusk, in a rainbow of fragrant shades. Discover Aqua Allegoria, the eau de toilette collection capturing the radiant beauty of nature, bathed in the light of the sun at its height.


Heir to Guerlain’s exceptional heritage, the Les Légendaires collection pays homage to legendary creations expertly crafted by five generations of Perfumers since the House's founding in 1828. Inspired by some of the greatest love stories in history, each fragrance is infused with exceptional raw materials leaving an unforgettable aura of emotion in its wake. Make your perfume unique with a complimentary personalized engraving.

Terracotta Le Parfum

Discover Terracotta Le Parfum, a sun-drenched Eau de Toilette inspired by the glowing radiance of the Terracotta Bronzing Powder offering an immediate escape to a faraway exotic paradise.

Habit Rouge

As a homage to the equestrian art, Jean-Paul Guerlain created the first oriental fragrance for men in perfumery in 1965. Habit Rouge refers to the famous red jackets worn by the riders. It is a fragrance mix of earth, warm leather and the forest... This is a high-flying figure, the reflection of mastered, refined and powerful instinct.

L'Art & la Matière

Elevating fragrance to become a work of art, L’Art & La Matière echoes that irrepressible love of beauty, the very spirit of the House of Guerlain since its founding. L’Art & La Matière fragrances allow the finest raw materials used in Perfumery to boldly shine, revealing them under a new light and raising the scent up to the rank of full-fledged artistic masterwork.


Every year, Guerlain celebrates exceptional rendezvous by revisiting its iconic Bee Bottle in limited, numbered editions. Each fragrance, the common thread running through these millésimes, is adorned with a creation designed by an art craftsman selected for his unique savoir-faire.


In collaboration with the greatest artists, extraordinary pieces write the history of the Guerlain Exceptional Pieces, where creation becomes a work of art. An artistic approach that magnifies the savoir-faire of the different arts in spectacular masterpieces in limited and numbered editions.