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Madagascan vanilla (See 1/1)
Madagascan vanilla (See 1/1)

Sapoceti scented soap Madagascan vanilla

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One of Guerlain’s favourite ingredients at the heart of the of Guerlinade, Madagascan vanilla is given pride of place in this Sapoceti scented soap.

Emblems of the heritage and expertise of the House of Guerlain, Sapoceti scented soaps were first produced in 1828 by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain at his boutique on Rue de Rivoli. Scented with essences from natural origin, they are now available in six scents, as a tribute to the Guerlinade, Guerlain’s olfactory signature.

Upon contact with water, Sapoceti soap releases a fresh, airy foam that leaves skin delicately scented and silky to the touch.

All in brilliant white, each bar of soap is embossed with the Guerlain bee.


Harvested under the Madagascan sun, vanilla entices through its multiple facets, from its indulgent sweetness to its woody character. Its inviting, warm notes are revealed in this soap that deliciously envelops and enchants.



perfumers secret

At Guerlain, vanilla has always been one of the perfumer’s favourite raw ingredients. It has travelled through the ages, appearing as an unexpected surprise in Jicky, as a hint of indulgence in Shalimar, and whirling through La Petite Robe Noire.