Bespoke Fragrances
Bespoke Fragrances
January 2015
Ouessant Island Guerlain
Ouessant Island The Black Bee Island
A unique exhibition at 68, Champs-Elysées.
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    Terracotta Khôl

    Loose Powder Kohl

    Oriental kohl for smouldering eyes

    The legendary Terracotta Khôl is the promised land for enchanting and mysterious eyes. For summer, the eyes slip into a halo of mystery. Inspired by traditional oriental kohls, this loose powder by Guerlain makes the eyes look bigger and deeper than ever. Highly concentrated with pigments, Terracotta Khôl comes in sublime shades strewn with glimmers of mother-of-pearl in warm, captivating colours.
    The luxurious and refined jewel tube is topped with a Moorish-style golden seal and features an applicator stick, a homage to the traditional kohl used by women of the desert. Seduction becomes magnetic...
    The line is clean and precise. The result is natural and adjustable with a smoky or sophisticated effect.
    Terracotta Khôl comes in two intense oriental shades: Noir and Bleu.

    Terracotta Khôl can be used in two different ways:
    - Eastern-style: take the stick from the tube and glide it between closed eyelids for flickering eyes...
    - Western-style: apply the powder to the eye contour to outline the eyes and make them look bigger. The line is easy to apply for an intense and velvety gaze.

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