• Terracotta Poudre Bronzante - 00 Clair Blondes
  • Terracotta Poudre Bronzante - 01 Clair Brunettes
  • Terracotta Poudre Bronzante - 02 Naturel Blondes
  • Terracotta Poudre Bronzante - 03 Naturel Brunettes
  • Terracotta Poudre Bronzante - 04 Moyen Blondes
  • Terracotta Poudre Bronzante - 05 Moyen Brunettes
  • Terracotta Poudre Bronzante - 07 Foncé Brunettes
  • Terracotta Poudre Bronzante - 08 Ebony


Bronzing Powder Moisturising and Long Lasting

The cult powder for an excessively natural tan.

A legendary product, Terracotta was the first Guerlain bronzing powder. Given the status of a magical beauty product, Terracotta echoes the soft touch of the first rays of sunlight.
Light, translucent and luminous, Terracotta restores a natural healthy glow in a few strokes of a brush. Combining the sensuality of a natural tan with the voluptuousness of light textures and a velvety finish, Terracotta perfectly reproduces the golden and coppery shimmer of sunlight. Its formula, enriched with moisturising active ingredients, does not dry out the skin. It ensures long-lasting comfort.
The skin glows with an instant natural tan that is both matte and luminous. Subtly moisturised, it radiates with beauty.
Terracotta is available in eight shades for all skin tones and comes in a non-refillable powder case.

The cult powder has a unique fragrance. The top notes reveal a joyful and cheerful accord of bergamot and mandarin. The heart takes over with the sunny, feminine notes of gardenia, jasmine and ylang-ylang, which play off the lightness of honeysuckle. In the dry-down, vanilla, blended with woody notes, gives this legendary scent all of its character and mystery.

To give a sun-kissed look to the entire face, try the Guerlain secret: trace a "3" on the skin.
With the retractable Terracotta bronzing powder brush, apply your Terracotta powder by making a "3" on each side of the face: from the forehead to the cheeks and then to the chin, following the facial contours towards the chin and then moving down along the neck.

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