Their loving words

"I just started to use this product, and I love so much, I fell already the improvement in my skin, and in my spirit, I think that is because of the flowers in it. Thank you all."
"Have been using the Orchidee Imperiale range for many many years and my skin is still youthful looking. A very luxurious and beautiful product anyone should try."
"Orchid Imperial products came into my life during a facial at a Guerlain boutique about 6 years ago. Since that time my skin has improved dramatically. The success of using the full Orchidee skin care regime shows in the improved elasticity and overall youthful appearance of my skin. Each product is a treatment from the newest Orchidee cleanser to my three must have favorites: the Creme Riche, Orchidee Exception Concentre, and Lip and Eye Cream. When I discovered the BB cream and eye products I was quite impressed with the quality of the products and immediate results I was able to achieve. Interestingly today if I choose to not use a foundation I have confidence in the appearance of my skin. I am 58 years old and everyone is surprised to hear that I am not in my late 30's early 40's. "
"I have used Orchidee Imperial for quite some time now and have found the best results from Guerlain. The eye and lip creme is "THE BEST". There are so many excellent treatment products offered and results are fantastic. I started my daughter off on Guerlain last weekend at Neiman Marcus, Galleria, Ft. Lauderdale, FL with my advisor, Elena. Thanks Guerlain for your very fine line of products. JUDY "
Judith J
"Tengo 67años y he encontrado en Orquidea Imperial el tratamiento de belleza mas completo y confortable para mi piel. Gracias a Guerlain y a su equipo de investigadores infatigables por haber hallado la escencia de un tratamiento tan bueno y recomendable.
Stella Maris Minardi"
""My experience with Guerlain has been amazing. My skin looks hydrated and is glowing.""
"I am 59 years old and made a huge decision 2 years ago. My health was failing, and two years ago I had a gastric bypass surgery and was very concerned about my sagging skin. I have lost over 100 pounds, and I am so thankful to the Guerlain products. My neck and face does not sag in the least. I swear by the Orchidee Imperiale products. The Neck cream is a God sent. Thank you Guerlain!"
"Orchidee Imperiale is the very best skin care product I have ever used! You notice the difference on your skin from the first try. I am 70 years old, do not have wrinkles and men and women compliment my skin frequently, sometimes several times in one day. I love to pamper my skin! It is a treat I give myself every day and I love it!"
"A few years ago, I visited the Guerlain Shop in France at Epcot Center. As I was browsing, a lovely woman approached me and offered to do my makeup. I loved the experience and the finished results, and purchased products. For a year afterwards I purchased products through a representative at Saks NY, but she moved on, and sadly I strayed away. There is not a store in my immediate area that carries Guerlain skincare and beauty. Recently, I have been very unhappy with the look of my skin, and decided to purchase some Guerlain products online from Neiman Marcus. It has been three weeks now, and the difference is astounding. I can't believe how quickly my skin has responded to these beautiful products. I look so refreshed, and the lines that were haunting me are hardly perceptible. I'm back, and will be an Orchidee Imperial devotee forever.
"I have always been a lover of all things French. Skincare is no different. I adore Guerlain. My skin looks and feels amazing and as a side benefit the fragrance is beautiful. I will continue using Guerlain as I am now in my sixties and want the very best for my skin. "
"I was introduced to Guerlain about 4 weeks ago and am absolutely amazed with the results. My entire being is glowing with confidence. I receive compliments daily and questions about what I am doing differently. I love this product. It feels like silk and is so delicious. I highly recommend this product and will never go back to any other product, I am so worth the investment. Thank you Guerlain for tapping into natures most mystic secrets.
<3 "
"After I reached 30years old,I feel my skin became easily reflect the tiredness of body and mind.
I knew Guerlain skincare is superior,because I had worked for another cosmetic brand before,next to our shop was Guerlain and seeing the customers visit there I found ladies visit there had quite luminous skin.
When mind tired, the scent of products release my stress, especially when washing my face with form cleanser I feel relaxed.
I feel happy with the scents in every morning,every release my tension and bring even tone,enough hydration to my skin.
Our skin and brain came from same nerve when we were gave birth,now I can believe this fact strongly.

"I have been using Guerlain for 7 years now and I can never use any other product, if I mistakenly purchase any other brand I end up giving it away, otherwise I feel that I have betrayed my beloved Guerlain. I am almost 57 and my skin looks like a 30 year old, thank you dearest Guerlain!. I will forever use Guerlain. Thank you for your excellent products."
"This is my third time of having other Guerlain skincare items on my desk. This can guarantee 'best of the best skincare' that I have ever met."
"Your products really make the difference! Tony"
"It's amazing products, I would strongly recommend it to you!

"Love your products, it make the difference! I feel that my skin looks more young & healthy!"
"From the very first use. My skin, the next morning felt refreshed, smoother, and had a glow from within. I am 48 and will continue to use Gurelain, I am a very pleased customer! "
"I am entering 24 years old now, and I want to keep young when I become 30/40. So I chose Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale the eye and lip cream to avoid fine lines appear on my eyes. I trust guerlain and is looking forward to the amazing effects it brings. BTW, the product appearance is so gorgeous, i love it so much! "
"I feel my skin very soft and firm after using the Orchidee Imperial products. I can also see my skin with healthy radiant glow. Thanks very much to Guerlain!"
Luk Fong Yvonne
"I am so excited to share my personal skin care program with Guerlain. This company has been around for years and why? Well, my grandmother swore by their products and generations later I love their Orchidee Imperiale skincare line. Their is nothing like it!!!"
"My cheeks would hurt from the dryness and after experiencing The Rich Cream my face can breath and my makeup has a certain glow I could have never achieved before. Not only has it replenished my skin's elasticity it has given me the confidence I lacked. "
"Just bought a set of imperial for my mom, and she said her skin never looks so good before."
"Ich verwende Guerlain Cosmedics schon viele Jahre, die Orchidee seit sie auf dem Markt ist. Ich bin 74 Jahre alt und werde ernsthaft 20 Jahre jünger geschätzt. Das macht mich stolz, aber manchmal ist es ein wenig peinlich! Vielen Dank an Guerlain und meiner Freundin, die die Produkte in ihrem Kosmetikinstitut verwendet hat und sie mir nahelegte.
Großes Dankeschön! "
"Ever since I started using Guerlain my skin feels relaxed and looks youthful like twenty years ago. Sometimes I get acne and by using this amazing product, I stopped getting the unwanted and cleared my facial tone. It is not very affordable but the results from spending more is worth a lifetime.

Pearlie Dizon
United Airlines"
"In two weeks using Orchidee Imperial cream, I noticed the difference in complexion. My skin is smoother, glowing , i've been told "your skin is healthy". Thanks to Guerlain…Maria-Cynthia M."
"I have never thought of Guerlain as my daily skincare until my lips has touched the Orchidée Impériale eye and lip cream. Now, my eyes are so bright and my lips are so smooth. "
"At 66 years old I'm beginning to see and feel the sands of time. Winter dryness had left my skin blotchy and lightly peeling.As I walked by the Guerlain counter, I saw they were giving skin care and make up demonstrations. After removing my make up and having the creme massaged into my skin, I immediately felt my dryness disappear. As I looked into the mirror, I saw a glow in my face that I had not seen in many years. I am thrilled with the results and will continue to buy different pieces in the Guerlain line to achieve optimum results. I feel younger already!"
"I just love it!
pascale (France)"
"Having used the Orchidee Imperiale range for about about 18 months, I would never consider using anything else. My skin feels supple and well nourished but never tight. The eye and lip cream is a bonus and really does seem to have a smoothing effect. At 65 years of age I need to continue to look after my skin and this is able done by using Orchidee Imperiale."
"My skin is smooth, luminous and I look years younger than my age. The best compliant I receive when meeting friends I have seen in years is, "You haven't changed a bit! What's your secret?" Of course, my answer is Guerlain's Orchidee Imperial!"
"Hi there!

When my boyfriend gave me birthday money to purchase what I always desired to buy, I went straight away to the shop to purchase the creme of orchidée imperiale.
I was so excited to buy my birthday gift this past December 2014. Since I heard a lot of good opinions, feedbacks and results about this lovely crème.
I am even more excited just to see the wonderful and outstanding results after using the product for only 2 weeks.
Undoubtedly, It's a super divine product. It softens my skin tremendously. The quality of the crème is just amazing! They way hydrates, soothes my skin, helps to clear out the wrinkles. Orchidée imperiale envelops my skin in a cocoon of tenderness!

J'adore Orchidée Imperiale!

"Orchid imperial line keeps my skin looking smooth, elastic and healthy.
It means my face line lifted and have a fresh complexion .
Lucky to meet Geurlain ~♥"
"I have been using Guerlain for 40 years, will be 70 years young in a couple of weeks and am pleased to say my skin looks fresh and wrinkle free,am often asked by friends if I use fillers and Botox,and they look at me in disbelief when i say all my good skin is due to Guerlain.
I believe your skin is only as good as the products you use."
"My skin is soothed and relaxed. The tugging and discomfort feeling are decreased."
Emma L.
"Since the very first application, I feel that my skin is renewed. The wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out. My skin is firmer and nourished. "
Yuko M.