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Orchidée Impériale 오키드 임페리얼 슬리핑 세럼

[주름 개선 기능성]

제품 설명

눈에 띄게 돋보이는 밤 사이 개선 효과로 몇 시간 더 숙면한 듯한 피부*
수면 환경으로 인한 노화 징후를 완화시켜줘 다음 날 아침 환하게 빛나는 피부를 선사하는 세럼입니다.
함께 출시된 오키드 임페리얼 L-롤러와 함께 사용하면 슬리핑 세럼의 효과를 배가시켜 더욱 맑게 빛나는 피부를 완성할 수 있습니다.

*제품 한 달 사용 후, 32명을 대상으로 한 자가평가 결과


Orchidée Impériale Fragrance: a floral scent with hints of orchid that blend with notes of rose, white musk and precious cedar wood.


Visible efficacy measured application by application

- Instrumental testing:
Exceptional hydration 6h after application: +104%(1)
Soothing effet on the wrinkles: -25%(2)

-Efficacy validated by a dermatologist(3):
Visibility of fatigue marks: -24%
Relaxed aspect of the skin: +29%

Application after application, women perceive a visible improvement of their skin aspect(4):
-Visibility of sleep wrinkles: -28%
-Skin firmness : +25%
-Regenerated aspect of the skin: +30%

(1)Instumental test, 10 volunteers
(2)Instrumental test, 16 volunteers
(3)Clinical test by a dermatologist, 32 women, results after 28 days
(4)Satisfaction test, 32 women, results after 28 days


The Orchid, a rare and precious raw ingredient, is the very essence of the exceptional complete care range Orchidée Impériale. A genuine longevity prodigy, the orchid is the most developed species in the plant kingdom. Convinced of its exceptional potential, Guerlain set up its first research centre ever to be devoted to an ingredient: the Orchidarium®.
Guerlain Research runs three interrelated and complementary centres:
- The Experimental Garden — Geneva (Switzerland)
- The Basic Research Laboratory — Strasbourg (France)
- The Exploratory Nature Reserve — TianZi (Yunnan, China)
Learn about our work in Yunnan on guerlain.com

탁월한 포뮬러

For 15 years, Guerlain Research has been pushing back the frontiers of cellular longevity. Thanks to a duo of orchids, Night Cell Respiration™ Technology delivers all its age-defying power on the skin to help regulate cellular respiration and combat hypoxia, or oxygen deficiency*.

During the night, hypoxia reaches a peak when the cells are insufficiently oxygenated. Another source of hypoxia is the pressure exerted on the face by lying down, compressing the flow of fluids deep in the skin and further hindering the supply of oxygen. The skin's environment is disrupted, causing puffiness and sleep wrinkles to form.

Combined with a plant extract with firming and soothing properties, Night Cell Respiration™ Technology helps combat sleep wrinkles and face puffiness: the visible signs of ageing are minimised, the skin appears regenerated, smoothed out and redensified.
*In vitro tests on ingredients