The effectiveness of this night gel-cream is derived from Melanin Control Technology combined for the first time with a biological plant-based antioxidant to combat the oxidating stresses of the night which trigger melanin production. Night after night, dark spots fade and the skin, deeply hydrated and rested, glows with the intense radiance of a pearl.


Immediately, a long lasting moisturizing performance during 24 hours proved: +44%*
From 28 days, an action on the yellow component of the complexion is noticed by 97% of women**

After 8 weeks:
For 100% of women, the skin is less dull and supple**
An improvement of translucence complexion observed by a dermatologist: +46%***
An improvement of smooth effect of the skin: +38%***

*Instrumental test, 10 women
** Satisfaction, 29 women, application daily during 2 months
*** Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist, 30 women, application daily during 2 month

The essence and cream combination doubles the performance of the radiance and transparency of the skin vs essence only *

After 4 weeks:
The visible pigmentation defects decreased by 49%.

* Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist, 30 women, twice daily application for 2 months for 1 month


Directions for use

Apply generously to face and neck in the evening, after the essence.