In just one step, this comprehensive tinted correction cream hydrates, protects and evens out the complexion, corrects dark spots, blurs imperfections and refines the texture of the skin leaving it translucent and radiant.


An immediate moisturizing efficacy 2 hours after application: +61%*
For 94% of women, the skin is protected, clearer and transparent**

After 28 days, women are satisfied:

For 100% of women, the pigmentation imperfections are reduced and the complexion is homogenous**
An improvement of complexion clarity of +74% and the complexion homogeneity of +60%***
A reduction of pore visibility of -50%***

*Instrumental test, 10 women
** Satisfaction test, 33 women, twice daily yapplication during 1 month
*** Self-assessment, 33 women, twice daily application during 1 month


Directions for use

Apply a dab each morning to face and neck. Leave to penetrate. Follow with Blanc de Perle Foundation.