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Perfumed body lotion (See 1/1)
Perfumed body lotion (See 1/1)

Les Délices de Bain Perfumed body lotion

A delicious body ritual

Trail intensity


Guerlain body lotion Les Délices de Bain, with its delicious musky citrus scent, reveals a fluid, velvety texture that infuses the epidermis with comforting moisture. 
With its pure and refined lines, the bottle, created specially for this product line, pays tribute to the famous Bee bottle
The Les Délices de Bain line celebrates the art of a complete fragrance experience. Guerlain has created a body ritual for men and women alike.


Musky Citrus.
Fresh, delicious, embracing.

The Les Délices de Bain line blends sparkling bergamot with the delicate scent of orange blossom. This burst of freshness, combined with the sweetness of almond, settles deliciously into an enveloping cocoon of white musk, vanilla and woody notes.


Bergamot, Orange blossom note, Almond. 

perfumers secret

Spray your favourite fragrance after application. Your trail of scent will be amplified and enhanced for a captivating effect.