Guerlain is revolutionising healthy glow make-up, revealing the secret to beautifully tanned skin that you can take with you wherever you go this summer: Terracotta Cushion. Its lively travel-friendly packaging features a plate designed to protect a sun-kissed formula and deliver a unique sensory and fresh experience upon application. In the blink of an eye, the complexion is warmed up and corrected with a lightweight, non-cakey finish thanks to a unique combination of healthy glow pigments and a powder with a smoothing and correcting effect. Its beauty-boosting formula blurs imperfections and improves the skin's tone to give a tanned complexion glowing with vitality. A healthy glow with a buildable tan and beautiful, luminous skin are yours with this new make-up step that is perfect for summer and will follow you wherever you go! Applied all over the face or in touch-ups, it instantly creates an endlessly buildable, glowing natural tan, while offering SPF 20 sun protection.


Its Tiare Flower fragrance leaves a gentle scent on skin, instantly taking you away to an exotic far-off paradise… 


The make-up result gives a natural healthy glow.
The texture is light and weightless on skin.
The coverage is buildable.
The cushion maintains the skin's natural moisture levels for 24 hours.
SPF 20


A combination of Terracotta healthy glow pigments, present in different intensities to beautifully enhance all skin tones, teamed with a powder that has a smoothing and correcting effect. A micro-alga, chlorella, improves the skin's texture and tone, creating a complexion-perfecting effect. SPF 20 sunscreens provide added protection.

Directions for use

In the morning:
Press the puff on the plate to release the product. Apply all over the face, smoothing in an outward direction.

At any time during the day, lightly press the puff onto the plate and then gently pat over the face, working from the centre outwards.

Reapply as often as you wish until you obtain the desired coverage.