Dedicated to restoring comfort to the skin after a sunny day on the beach, the alluring TERRACOTTA AFTER SUN CREAM is a fresh and irresistible delight with powerful and soothing moisturizing action. The TERRACOTTA touch? An intensified, beautiful and naturally longer-lasting sun-kissed glow thanks to Tan Booster by GUERLAIN: an exclusive complex intensifying and prolonging the skin's natural golden glow*. After the first summer evening, your skin and spirits will be radiant and serene.

*In vitro tests on ingredients


Its Tiare Flower fragrance leaves a gentle scent on the skin, instantly sweeping you away to an exotic far-off paradise…

Directions for use

Following exposure from a day in the sun, apply to the body in the evening after a shower to
retain your golden tan long after the summer season is over.