This summer, the Météorites have been reinvented and take on the delicate, radiant colours of the rainbow. Light and luminous, these six new shades enfold the complexion in a halo of pure light.

A harmony combining yellow and green pearls to help to reduce diffuse redness and dark spots, pink pearls to restore radiance, orange to help to conceal dark spots and areas of shadow, blue pearls to counter dullness, and mauve to catch the light. All nestled in a collector’s pack in the colours of the rainbow.


A delicate violet fragrance, inimitable and totally addictive

Expert formulas

Thanks to Stardust Technology, a diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, light is reflected indefinitely to create a radiant blurring halo on skin.


Stardust Technology: diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres to create soft-focus perfecting halo.
Light-correcting nacres: harmoniously blend together to create a pure and correcting light for perfectly tailored luminosity
Extra-soft powders: contributes to smooth the complexion and create a unique feeling of softness.

Directions for use

Use Météorites Brush to apply the pearls evenly all over the face to help to set make-up and revive the complexion.

For a boosted radiance, illuminate the curved areas of the face: draw a G from the centre of the forehead towards the temples, cheekbones and top of the nose, moving down to the tip of the chin.