La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain creates her 1st tailor-made Lashes mascara, 4 styles in 1.
Just like a little black dress, this new mascara fits perfectly to the contours of each... lash!
Its “all-in-1” formula means that it dresses up every lash individually, no matter what the angle: for volume, curl, length and definition. From the most natural result to the most super-lash style, it adapts to suit everyone.
How?! With its exclusive 2-in-1 brush:
1: The body of brush is used to volumise, curl and lengthen the lashes, when held horizontally.
2: The round head defines, intensifies the result and reaches every lash one by one, even those at the far ends, when held vertically.  
Dress up your eyes with intense and long-lasting black.
Super-lash style, right to the tips of your lashes!


A subtle and almost imperceptible note, with every flutter of your lashes…


- +78% volume**
- +58% curl*
- +21% length*

- 100% of women are satisfied with the volume, curl and length***
94% of women are satisfied with the good separation in the lash fringe***
- 100% of women are satisfied with the intense black, all day long. No need for touch-ups as the day goes on***


- Bees’ and vegetable origin waxes to volumise and lengthen the lashes.
- Curling and adherent polymers that can bend the lashes and load them with texture, without clumping.
- D-panthenol, a skincare active ingredient that boosts the quality of lashes, leaving them looking incredible, day after day.

Directions for use

Create your own style using its 2-in-1 brush!
1. Hold the body of the brush horizontally, applying the mascara from the roots to the tips of lashes for volume, curl and length.

2. Hold the head vertically and apply in upward movements to perfectly define and intensify the make-up result and reach all the lashes, even the thinnest ones and those at the far ends.

La Petite Robe Noire’s advice: After wiping off the excess formula, sweep from left to right holding the brush vertically to apply the mascara to the lower lash fringe.