KissKiss lipstick

KissKiss, when art and beauty meet on the lips

Discover how the iconic lipstick by Guerlain has re-invented itself

The secret of "french seduction" by Guerlain

She’s 20, 40 or 60. Her age doesn’t matter: she has incredible style. And sex appeal. She strolls through the streets of Paris, floating on high heels. She looks elegant in anything and never overdoes it. Never too dolled up, never too much make-up, she excels in the art of effortless seduction. In her clutch, pressed between her fingertips, lies her weapon of lethal seduction.
Her partner, her daily ally. Her KissKiss lipstick, a name that charms like a love letter. The lipstick that she never leaves home without. KissKiss. It’s a story of seduction created by Guerlain in 1994. KissKiss is not just another lipstick. It’s an iconic symbol of love with endless qualities. An ode to colour, the encounter between great artists, a prelude to the most beautiful kisses.
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