Once upon a time, four centuries ago, in India, there was a love that knew no bounds. For his beloved wife, the princess Mumtaz Mahal, the emperor Shah Jahan ordered the creation of the most luxurious gardens of Shalimar as a setting for their love. Later, he erected the Taj Mahal, a marvel admired by the entire world. This fabulous story inspired Jacques Guerlain to create an exquisitely seductive scent, the world’s very first oriental fragrance: Shalimar.
Guerlain Perfumer Thierry Wasser has created a new interpretation of this legendary scent. Citrus notes, fresh flowers and vanilla give this fresh and luminous Cologne a resolutely modern signature.


A sparkling ambery scent
Effervescent, delectable, refreshing
Shalimar Cologne opens with a luminous, refreshing and sparkling surge of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit. The Calabrian cocktail then gives way to a heart of freesia, jasmine petal and rose, brought together like a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers. The composition culminates with an addictive and enveloping base of white musk, vanilla and iris.


Perfumer secrets

Shalimar Cologne is an interpretation led by a symphony of sublime citrus notes which give way to a delicate vanilla note.