Thierry Wasser composed his bouquet like a florist, with a light, exuberant touch, to encapsulate the idea of the idyll, a joyous light-hearted romance. He had to measure every drop to achieve the perfect harmony, to arouse unprecedented and unforgettable sensations through the power of scent.
Hypnotic, exuding more sensuality than innocence, Idylle L'Extrait is an intimate elixir composed of exceptional raw materials.

This fragrance merited a masterpiece. Ora-ïto, the iconoclast and visionary designer, designed for Idylle a tear of joy and feminine happiness, a love drop, a golden drop.


Chypre Floral.
Authentic, intimate, enchanting.

The floral bouquet top notes soften, giving way to the union of rose essence and dense, sweet rose absolute. In the base, an overdose of sensual ambrette comes into play. This natural musk, derived from hibiscus, is a rare and exclusive raw material that diffuses sensual and mysterious musky aromas.


Perfumer secrets

L'Extrait highlights the union of rose essence and rose absolute
The lightness of rose essence is accentuated by denser rose absolute.
Rose essence is present in all Idylle fragrances. The absolute is used specifically in the extract.

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