A heart that beats "la Chamade" translates the effervescence of love, the moment when the heart capitulates in the face of emotional intensity. This perfume is a hymn to love that unfurls like the spring with equal grace, femininity, independence and attraction. With flowers in a thousand nuanced shades, this perfume speaks of a romantic and audacious woman who serenely accepts the inclinations of her heart.

Offered in a modern sculpture dedicated to women who truly love Guerlain perfumes, the refillable spray reveals the mystery of the fragrance and recalls the fine chiselling of a precious jewellery piece.


Fruity Floral Oriental.
Dynamic, assertive, seductive.

For the first time in perfumery, Guerlain introduced to a formula the green and fruity accent of blackcurrant bud, freshened with a green harmony of hyacinth. Lastly, this symphony is embellished with Guerlinade, which majestically showcases jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood.

Perfumer secrets

Chamade marked the first use of blackcurrant bud in perfumery.
At Guerlain, Chamade also initiated the first accord around hyacinth over a Guerlinade base.