For the third year in a row, the Bee, the Guerlain emblem, takes the form of a precious handmade bottle that perfectly embodies everything most sublime, infinitely beautiful and rare about artistic craftsmanship. After effects of transparency and then golden reflections, the bee’s famous wings now glow with silver glimmers that enhance its body of Baccarat crystal. This sumptuous, limited-edition Rêve de Lune creation boasts extreme luxury: the quest for beauty meets the quest for excellence. All of the artistic trades shared their superb experience, intrinsic know-how and perfect mastery of the craft, pushing back the limits of possibility once more.
Only 50 numbered bottles worldwide.


Like the Bee bottle that houses it, the Rêve de Lune Extract takes flight in a maze of floral and spicy notes. Multi-facetted, it surprises with its infinite smoothness, measured opulence and restrained grace. Fresh notes of bergamot and neroli are brightened with a veil of aldehydes that sparkle like silver.

Perfumer secrets

For the Bee with Silver Wings bottle, Baccarat achieved a new expertise used in the aeronautic sector to obtain these metallic and polarising effects, thus sealing a bond between tradition and modernity.