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Eau de Parfum (See 4/4)
Eau de Parfum (See 1/4)
Eau de Parfum (See 2/4)
Eau de Parfum (See 3/4)
Eau de Parfum (See 4/4)

Rose Barbare Eau de Parfum

A vibrant rose with a bewitching aura



Rose Barbare belongs to Guerlain’s Exclusive Collections, a range of fragrances for aficionados of rare scents, those who appreciate noble raw materials and refinement down to the last detail.
The most universal of flowers, the most cherished, the most praised and especially the most celebrated by perfumers. The Guerlain perfumer envisioned it very differently from all the stereotypes: an unexpected and contemporary rose. Rose Barbare is a proud Ottoman that also offers the fresh and spontaneous sensuality of a honeyed chypre base. Uncontrollable, this desirable, sensual rebel captures the heart.
The fragrance dresses up in a bottle with clean, contemporary lines, decorated with a golden metal label on the side, like a precious book. It is magnified with a stylish vintage bulb atomizer,with an ON/OFF position for ease of transport. The bottle nests in an amethyst “leather feel” case (that can be turned into a jewellery box as you wish).


This unexpected and contemporary interpretation of the noblest of flowers combines rose essence and absolute with surprising honey, peach and forest floor notes. A black and thorny rose with mysterious accents.

Chypre Floral

Top notes: aldehydes, Bulgarian rose essence.
Heart notes: Turkish rose absolute, fenugreek.
Note de fond: peach honey, patchouli, forest floor notes.


perfumers secret

Rose has always been a favourite raw material of Guerlain, the muse of five generations of perfumers, from Nahéma to La Petite Robe Noire, by way of Idylle.
This mysterious rose can also appeal to and be worn by men.