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Pamplelune (See 1/4)
Pamplelune (See 2/4)
Pamplelune (See 3/4)
Pamplelune (See 4/4)
Pamplelune (See 1/4)
Pamplelune (See 2/4)
Pamplelune (See 3/4)
Pamplelune (See 4/4)

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune

The spirit of grapefruit and a note of bergamot



At dawn, shutters spring open.
The sun rises and grows warm.
View of a citrus orchard.
Pamplelune is a sparkling and sensual essence, a cheerful breeze over a radiant and tangy grapefruit.
Its pure and refined bottle with a golden mesh is a nod to the celebrated Bee Bottle.


Fruity Citrus.
Energising, sparkling, sensual.

Pamplelune opens with citrusy notes of vibrant and velvety grapefruit accompanied by bergamot. Its energetic heart features the unusual pairing of neroli and petit grain married with blackcurrant bud. Its dry-down reveals an extreme sensuality thanks to the presence of patchouli and vanilla.


grapefruit, blackcurrant note, patchouli


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perfumers secret

For each creation, the Guerlain Perfumer showcases one or two raw materials, drawing their originality from a unique alchemy. Short formulas with incredible intensity and freshness, between simplicity and sophistication.