Mon Guerlain is a tribute to today's femininity. A strong, free and sensual femininity, inspired by Angelina Jolie.

With the Eau de Toilette Bloom of Rose, Mon Guerlain continues to explore the different facets of femininity, fulfillment and invites women to live each moment to the fullest. A composition that celebrates the joy of individuality and being yourself.

This floral Eau de Toilette is created like a bouquet: the signature floral notes of Mon Guerlain - Sambac jasmine and Carla lavender - are combined with neroli and rose to form a radiant and lively fragrance.



Floral. Radiant. Lively. Delicate.

A true bouquet combining the Mon Guerlain signature components - Sambac jasmine and Carla lavender - with neroli and rose.

Guerlain Bloom
Guerlain Bloom
Guerlain Bloom


Carla lavender, Sambac jasmine, neroli, rose

Perfumer secrets

For five generations, the Guerlain perfumer has explored the planet in search of precious raw materials.

For the Eau de Toilette Bloom of Rose, Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk composed a real bouquet of flowers, among which can be distinguished Bulgarian rose and neroli, supporting Carla lavender and Sambac jasmine, ingredients of each embodiment of the Mon Guerlain range.
The innocence of rose echoes the purity of neroli. Together they bring radiance and joy to the composition.