A surprising Bois d'Arménie, plucked straight from the Guerlain perfumer’s imagination. Feel your soul rising with the clouds of incense. Feel your heart beating to the rhythm of gaiac wood. Languish on a carpet of benzoin and succumb to the fevered embrace of patchouli…
The fragrance dresses up in a bottle with clean, contemporary lines, decorated with a golden metal label on the side, like a precious book. It is embellished with an elegant bulb that delivers an unprecedented scent experience in a delicate mist.


Spicy Woody Oriental.
Enigmatic, warm, spellbinding.
Top notes: frankincense, iris, pink pepper.
Heart notes: gaiac wood, benzoin, coriander.
Base notes: copahu balm, patchouli, white musks.

Perfumer secrets

Bois d'Arménie makes your soul rise with the clouds of “Papier d’Arménie” paper incense. This olfactory connection is partly explained by the presence of benzoin, commonly used in the 19th century in Armenia and featured at the heart of the new creation.
A creation that must absolutely be smelled on the skin, for both women and men.