In 2018, Guerlain celebrates Muguet's 110th anniversary, initiated by Jacques Guerlain in 1908, with an exceptional piece imagined as the quintessence of Guerlain.

And which better case then than the emblematic Bee Bottle? Tenderly frosted for the occasion, the Bee Bottle contains in its heart the Muguet note, reinterpreted by Thierry Wasser, whose bergamot, jasmine and rose accents announce Spring.

To magnify this exceptional piece, Guerlain has called on Maison Guillemette, one of the reference addresses in Paris for jewels and head accessories. Guillemette, founder and creator, celebrates the Muguet with a floral ethereal finery.

A lucky charm of exception that celebrates with refinement Lily of the Valley and the beginning of Spring.


A fresh and floral fragrance.

Top notes: green notes
Heart notes: note of lily of the valley, lilac
Base notes: rose, jasmine


Green notes, lily of the valley, rose, jasmine

Perfumer secrets

Each year the Muguet Eau de toilette is magnified in a bottle sublimated by the know-how of a craftsman to become an exceptional piece.

This year, Maison Guillemette, a Parisian creator of accessories, has imagined a voluptuous and delicate floral finery. It is adorned with a bunch of organza petals cut and sewed by hand; a true prowess of meticulousness and creativity.