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The Travel Essentials by Guerlain (See 1/1)
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The Travel Essentials by Guerlain (See 1/1)
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Orchidée Impériale The Travel Essentials by Guerlain

Exceptional Complete Care

The Essence In Lotion - 30 ML
The Rich Cleansing Foam - 30 ML
The Eye and Lip Contour Cream - 7 ML
The Longevity Concentrate - 5 ML
The Cream - 15 ML
285.00 €
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The Travel Essentials by Guerlain contain five essential products of the Orchidée Impériale routine: - The Rich Cleansing Foam (30ml) : as the first step of the Orchidée Impériale Ritual, it cleanses and purifies the skin whilst preserving its hydration, offering exceptional efficacy and comfort to skin.
- The Essence-In-Lotion (30ml): combining the freshness and delicacy of a lotion with the roundness and power of an essence, The Essence-In Lotion moisturises and boosts the natural hydration of the skin deep inside.
- The Eye and Lip Contour Cream (7ml): during the day, it hydrates, smooths and enhanced the eye area. At night it detoxifies, soothes and targets milk spots, small white spots around the eyes.
- The Longevity Concentrate (5ml): a serum targeting the areas where youthful wolume has been lost, for redensified, flawless skin.
- The Cream (15ml): an exceptional complete care that offers a global efficacy and combats the visible signs of skin ageing.


Orchidée Impériale fragrance : a floral scent with hints of orchid that blend with notes of rose, white musk and precious cedar wood.


For The Rich Cleansing Foam:
-Radiance: +18%(1)
-Visibility of pores: -17%(1)

For The Essence-In-Lotion:
-Visibility of pores: -21%(2)
-Smoother skin: +38%(2)

For The Eye and Lip Contour Cream:
-Eye contour smoothed out: 77%(3)
-Dark circles less visible: -24%(4)
-Lip contour smoothed: +19%(4)

For The Longevity Concentrate:
-Skin density: +35%(4)
-Skin firmness: +36%(4)
-Complexion radiance: +34%(4)

For The Cream:
-Hydration: +44%(5)
-Wrinkles: -23%(6)

(1)Satisfaction test by scoring, 32 women, results after 28 days, twice-daily application
(2)Satisfaction test by scoring, 41 women, results after 28 days, twice-daily application
(3)Satisfaction test, 62 French women, results after 28 days, twice-daily application
(4)Clinical test by a dermatologist, 32women, results after 28 days, twice-daily application
(5)Instrumental test, 11 women, results 24h after application
(6)Instrumental test, 15 women, results just after application


The Orchid, a rare and precious raw ingredient, is the very essence of the exceptional complete care range Orchidée Impériale. A genuine longevity profigy, the Orchid is the most developed species in the plant kingdom. Convinced of its outstanding potential, Guerlain has established its first research centre dedicated to a single ingredient: the Orchidarium®.

Expert Formulas

For 15 years, Guerlain Research has been pushing back the frontiers of cellular longevity. Now it has identified a mechanism that plays a key role in longevity: cellular respiration. More effective thanks to the discovery of the extraordinary powers of a duo of orchids, Cell Respiration™ technology delivers superior efficacy inside the skin. It regulates cellular respiration and combats hypoxia or oxygen deficiency, a phenomenon that increases with age. The cells can breathe again and maximise energy production which boosts cell regeneration*. Visible signs of ageing are minimised: wrinkles and fine lines fade, the skin regains firmness, density and elasticity, the complexion is even and more radiant. The skin is infused with a new breath of life.

*In vitro tests on ingredient