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Holographic Powder (See 1/1)
Holographic Powder (See 1/1)

Météorites Highlighter Duo Holographic Powder

Reveal your glow with the Morning Love look


The Météorites Highlighter Duo with its rose and lilac holographic shades enables you to capture the light to brighten up and enhance your natural complexion. Adopt a light and subtle Morning Love look with these silky rosy highlighter shades, the fruit of unique technological expertise. Nestled inside a cushion-style case, with its integrated mirror, the Guerlain Météorites Highlighter Duo is the perfect travel companion for touching up make-up any time of the day.


Ultra-fine soft-focus powder optically smoothes imperfections. Finally, a combination of iridescent pearl pigments and mica powder creates a holographic effect.