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2-in-1 Eye and Eyebrow Kit (See 1/1)
2-in-1 Eye and Eyebrow Kit (See 1/1)

COLOUR KIT 2-in-1 Eye and Eyebrow Kit

Reveal your glow with the Morning Love look.


The 2-in-1 Eye and Eyebrow Colour Kit by Guerlain brings structure and style to your make-up, thanks to two powders, a highlighter and a double-tip applicator. Designed to create the perfect romantic make-up, this limited edition comes with two shades of purple, one matte and one iridescent, which blend together perfectly to create a unique look. The subtly iridescent rose-beige shade goes underneath the line of the eyebrows to add shine and on the corner of the eye to open the gaze. Evanescent and adaptable, the hybrid shades are applied to the eyes and eyebrows for an intense or more natural look. There's only one rule of thumb with this kit - anything goes!